Centennial Film Ltd - Heart of the Dragon - the Welsh Guards Story

A new Ogmore-based company, Centennial Film marks the centenary of the Welsh Guards with the most imaginative film projects ever to come out of Wales.

The Heart of the Dragon – the Welsh Guards Story is a cinema documentary that will tell the story of this world-famous regiment, whose Colonel is, of course, Prince Charles.

Heart of the Dragon is privately financed by investors from xénos, the Wales Business Angels Network – and by former members of the Welsh Guards.

The 90-minute film will tell the story of the Regiment from its birth in the Great War – while still catching its centenary events on St. David’s Day 2015.   In between, viewers will learn of the Welsh Guards’ heroic actions in two world wars and in Aden, Northern Ireland, the Falklands and, more recently, Afghanistan.

The film deftly interlaces testimony of regimental veterans with scenes of life in today’s Welsh Guards.  Initial filming has focused on the last of the ‘World War 2 generation’, men who left their homes after 1939 to fight in places they never expected to visit, such as Tunisia, Italy and Belgium.   Their stories are inspiring yet often poignant.

They also whisk the viewer back to a different Wales, one where going down the mine at 14 was commonplace.  Yet the Welsh Guards offered a way out, as Eric ‘Whacky’ Jones will tell in the film.  Not many men can recall mounting guard for a royal wedding in 1934 – but he did that year, for the Duke of Kent.

Set against a backdrop of Wales, the film will expose its beautiful scenery to a wide audience outside it.  And coming from Wales, the film will naturally have a haunting soundtrack, as it reveals how successions of Welsh Guardsmen made their native music integral to life in their Regiment.

Backing for the film came from 2 business angels and was facilitated by xénos, the Wales Business Angel Network.


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