The attached directory of advisers (the “Directory”) contains details of some of the professional advisory support services available to existing and potential businesses in Wales.

The Directory is divided into categories of services and/or advice provided by the professional advisers in that region.


The Directory and content contributed by our advisers are provided for information only. It is not intended to comprise a comprehensive list of professional advisers who are qualified to assist you in relation to any investment or other advice that you may require. Inclusion of the details of any professional adviser in the Directory does not constitute an endorsement in any way by xénos, Finance Wales and/or the Welsh Assembly Government of such professional adviser. It is recommended that you undertake your own investigations into firms you intend to engage as professional advisers to your business, whether or not those firms are include in the Directory.

Neither xénos, Finance Wales nor the Welsh Assembly Government shall be responsible for the content of any advice provided to you by the professional advisers who feature in the Directory, and we do not in any way guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any advice provided by those professional advisers. You are responsible for entering into any contractual relationship with any professional adviser for the provision of advice to you and accordingly.



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